The Danish Arts Council (Statens Kunstfond) has acquired three art works by Johannes Holt Iversen for the National Danish Art Collection. The Danish Art Council acquired the works through Danish gallerist Annika Nuttall who also recently held Johannes Holt Iversen’s first solo exhibition “INTERFERENCE” in Denmark back in September 2019. Nuttall’s exhibition was the first danish show since his emigration to the Netherlands and the Dutch art academy Gerrit Rietveld Academie back in 2016.

Lascaux 1.5.1 beta is one of the acquired works for the Danish National Collection

The acquired art works stems from two autonomous series of works. The Lascaux 1.0 Sculpture-series initiated in 2019 as well as the Hyper-Primitive Painting-series initiated back in 2018. The Hyper-Primitive series was furthermore showcased for the first time during his first solo exhibition “Concerning the Hyper-Primitive” in Paris, France supported by the Augustinus Foundation.

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